Attorney At Law, Patricio Jordan

Attorney, Patricio Jordan is a bilingual lawyer, qualified with extensive experience in the Accusatory Criminal System acquired in the daily struggle in the system, as well as during his services as an official of the Public Ministry, added to the discipline that he injects into the exercise of the profession implemented in his DNA from his time serving in the United States Naval Forces in the capacity of Naval Paramedic (Naval Hospital Corpsman). We put our legal knowledge, experience, and the administrative machinery of the Jordan Law Firm at your disposal.


The criminal process in the Republic of Panama, according to Law 63 of 2008, establishes the rules of criminal procedure, and requires the timely intervention of a Criminal Lawyer with the qualities of the Attorney Patricio Jordan who, as an independent trial lawyer, former official of the Public Prosecutor's Office, has the knowledge and experience to intervene in the criminal process on behalf of the sponsored party in an effective manner based on the defense of their best interests, regardless of the stage in which it occurs. Whether investigative, intermediate phase, or oral trial, as well in the compliance phase. Contact Atty. Patricio Jordan here to evaluate the cause.


Attorney, Patricio Jordan is a qualified lawyer, fluent in the English language, a specialist in Criminal Law, who practices the profession with passion, efficiency and the discipline that he acquired as a former military member of the United States Naval Forces.


An integral part of the practice of law is making contributions to the profession. The Atty. Patricio Jordan, is an active member of the National Bar Association.

2. Active Member of the Panama National Bar Association

The practice of the legal profession requires that the legal professional be part of unions that share the lawyer's vision of the future based on progress in the development of the profession as well as contributions to the country. Attorney Patricio Jordan is an active member of the Panama National Bar Association, an institution par excellence that represents the interests of legal professionals in Panama, as well as being part of a tradition of illustrious lawyers who have contributed substantially to the development of Isthmus history.

3. Former Official of the Public Ministry (District Attorney's Office)

Part of the experience that allows Attorney Patricio Jordan, to offer an efficient and effective service is the experience acquired during his time as a former official of the Public Ministry (District Attorney's Office), where he held the position of Judicial Secretary of the Assistant Prosecutor's Office of the Republic, and as such, he was in charge of various offices, including which we can mention Judicial Secretary of the Delegate Prosecutor's Office of the December 24 Subregional, Judicial Secretary of the Metropolitan Subregional Car Theft Section, among other positions.

Attorney Patricio Jordan has been an official of the Public Ministry, where he provided his services as Judicial Secretary of the Auxiliary Prosecutor's Office of the Republic, Judicial Secretary of the Subregional Prosecutor's Office of December 24, among other instructional positions.

Attorney Patricio Jordan acquired his discipline from the United States Naval Forces, where he served as a Naval Hospital Corpsman.

4. Former Naval Hospital Corpsman of the United States NAVY

The discipline and way of working oriented towards the fulfillment of the mission of an effective defense in the best interests of the sponsored, Attorney Patricio Jordan, acquired it from his time where he was part of the United States Naval Force (US.NAVY), in the capacity of “NAVAL HOSPITAL CORPSMAN”, which allowed him to share and learn military doctrines that when are practiced in the practice of law constitute an advantage for our clients.

5. Attention to Small Details

Another important aspect that Attorney Patricio Jordan, as a former military man, brings with him what he practices in the practice of Law is “ATTENTION TO THE SMALL DETAILS” this doctrine is practiced by the Naval Forces (US. NAVY), which allows its members to identify problems when they are still small, before they become big problems. This doctrinal approach allows Atty. Patricio Jordan be detailed in the analysis of the causes that are under his responsibility. On many occasions, it is the small details that become the most important elements of the Penal process.

Attorney Patricio Jordan addresses his cases in a detailed and transparent manner with his clients. Just as he learned in the Naval Forces.

We fight for the due protection of ¡YOUR RIGHTS! in Criminal Matters